Vilnius district honorary citizens


The title of honorary citizenship for special merits for the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius district is given to citizens of the country as well as foreign individuals. Honorary citizenship can be bestowed to living and departed citizens, in case of death – honorary citizenship certificate and the badge are given to the family of that departed person. Since the year 2002 honorary citizenship is being solemnly given to people in Vilnius district municipality.

Obrembski Juzef (Józef Obrembski) (1906 May 19th –2011 June 7th) – priest, monsignor. Since 1950 worked in the parish of the Church of Rapture of Saint Virgin Mary in Maišiagala (Maišiagalos Švč. M. Marijos Ėmimo į dangų parapija). For active shepherd work, in 1994 he was awarded with an Order of Polonia Restituta, Juzef Obrembski received a Golden Cross of Merit from Poland in1992. In 2008, as the oldest living Polish person in Lithuania he was presented with the first Polish Card and the year 2001 brought him the Honorary Citizenship of Vilnius district.





Dziekan Antonius (Antoni Dziekan) (1914 December 29th –2004 February 12th) – priest with a Master‘s degree in theology. Since 1962 he was a pastor and an administrator of Sužionys parish (in Vilnius district). In 2002 Vilnius district municipality bestowed him with Honorary Citizenship for merits, award ceremony took place on the 13th of June, on his name-day.






Stančik Dariuš (Dariusz Stańczyk) (1961 October 5th) – priest, social activist born in Poland. In 1993 - 1996, he worked at Šumsko St. Michael theArchangel’s parish as a pastor. Dariuš Stančik was grantedVilnius district Honorary Citizenship in 2003 for merits toVilnius. In the year 2003 he won the title of the Pole of the Year.







Stelmachovski Andžej (Andrzej Stelmachowski) (1925 January 28th – 2009 April 6th) – Polish lawyer, politician, a social activist. Received Honorary Citizenship for special merits to Educational system of Vilnius ditrict in 2002.







Tomaševski Valdemar (Waldemar Tomaszewski) (1965 March 3rd) – member of the European Parliament, president of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, social activist. He developed his political and social activism while being Vilnius district Municipality Council’s member in 1995, 1997 and 2000, when he became a deputy mayor. By the Council’s decision no. T3-133 Valdemar Tomaševski has been awarded the title of the Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius District on 27 March, 2015 in recognition of his merits, contribution to the welfare and prosperity of the Vilnius district.






Gulbinovič Henrik Roman (Roman Henryk Gulbinowicz) (1923 October 17th) - priest, cardinal. He was born in Vilnius district, where he spent his childhood and youth. After the war, was forced to leave his homeland. He sacrificed his life to God and people. In Soviet times, he fought for the survival of the Catholic Church. Supported parishes of the Vilnius district, contributed to the renovation of the churches, organized students’ from the district trips to Poland. Vilnius District Municipality Council announced priest Henrik Roman Gulbinovič as Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius district on 29 April, 2015.





Leokadia Počykovska (Leokadia Poczykowska) (1955 September 24th) – political and social activist – In 1957, together with her parents she moved from Belarus to Lithuania. She studied at the 37th Vilnius High School. In 1992 she graduated in with a degree in economics from Vilnius University. 

Since 1993 she has been working in the Vilnius District Municipality Control Service. In 1995 she became a member of the Council and was elected mayor of the Vilnius region. She served as mayor until 2004. In this position, L. Počykovska devoted a lot of attention to solving problems of the inhabitants of the Vilnius region in the field of education, land restitution, social and other matters. She also devoted a lot of attention to the education and development of competences of local government employees. She actively strengthened cooperation relations between the Vilnius district and other local governments in Poland, Sweden and Germany, thanks to which many social projects were implemented. 

In the years 2004-2008 – Member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, later – Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania.
The title of Honorable Citizen of the Vilnius Region to Leokadia Počykovska was granted on September 7 of the year 2015 by Resolution No. T3-377 of the Vilnius District Municipality Council.